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Christopher V. Balthazar, MA, Executive Director

Mr. Balthazar has served as the Executive Director at Taskforce for nearly two years. He holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and school counseling from Roosevelt University in Chicago and is finalizing his dissertation to earn his doctoral degree in community psychology. In addition to his leadership role at Taskforce, he has worked as a Research Project Director at Stroger County Hospital for 12 years conducting critical HIV prevention and treatment research among LGBTQ+ youth of Color. He identifies as a Black-gay male and uses him/he/his pronouns.

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Darnell N. Motley, PhD, Board President

Dr. Motley, PhD is a Research Assistant Professor in the Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health at the University of Chicago Medicine. He is also the Director of the Chicago Center for HIV Elimination (CCHE).

Dr. Motley is committed to examining and challenging how structural factors such as racism, homophobia, and health stigma attempt to limit the experiences of racial, sexual, and gender minorities and individuals living with HIV. Motley, director of Structural Interventions for the Chicago Center for HIV Elimination (CCHE), uses qualitative research to inform the development and adaptation of interventions intended to impact social determinants of sexual health.