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TaskForce Chicago

Community Safer Space and Violence Prevention Program

Our Community Safer Space provides a safe harbor on weeknights for youth and young adults of the community. This intentionally curated space is meant to serve as a place of free expression via dance and works to bolster community connectedness.


About the Safe Space and Violence Prevention Program

TaskForce is dedicated to holding space for all individuals to both realize and express their whole selves.

The Safer Space program is often referred to as a second home by many community members, where they feel respected, safe, and loved. This program is an essential part of keeping Black and Brown folx protected.

The Chicago Vogue School is a centerpiece of this program. Operating from 5-9 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, the Vogue School is centered around the values of community, expression, and safety. This program operates on a walk-in basis (no sign-up required) and community members of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. All services (e.g. food pantry, community closet, STI testing) are open and available for use during the Vogue School.


Taskforce Chicago Vogue School

Mondays & Wednesdays 5-9pm

The Vogue School occasionally hosts special events such as mini-balls. Please follow our social media accounts to keep up with date with event announcements!

Our Violence Prevention Initiative

TaskForce Prevention and Community Services is invested in a world where all people can be their authentic selves.

This means that we strive to foster spaces where people can be free from suffering and have the space to imagine, create, and form community.

Black and Brown queer and trans folx are some of the most vulnerable populations in our society. As we face exorbitant amounts of violence, spaces that take safety and care seriously are indispensable to our communities. As an organization that is deeply invested in deep community care, we believe that it is not sufficient to provide just physical space, but to infuse these spaces with the things that are needed to promote safety long-term: resources, care, and dignity. Our community drop-in days and Vogue School are spaces that we have intentionally created to ensure that these things are available on a more regular and accessible basis.


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Our community-drop in days occur every Monday and Wednesday from 3-9 pm at 9 N. Cicero Avenue. Community members are welcome to utilize the space or resources during this time. The Vogue School is held every Monday and Wednesday evening from 5-9 pm. No prior experience is required and individuals of all skill levels are welcome.

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Do I have to sign up for or enroll in The Vogue School?

No, you do not! The Vogue School operates on a drop-in basis and individuals are welcome to attend as regularly as they would like.

I don’t know how to vogue. Do I have to participate in the school or can I just watch.

We welcome community members of all skill levels but you are not required to participate. However, many of our participants are eager to teach newcomers!