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TaskForce Chicago

Our Mental Health Initiative

TaskForce is dedicated to building healthier, stronger, and more vibrant communities. As we continue to provide a space where you can feel valued for who you are, we encourage you to prioritize your mental wellness. We remind you that taking care of your mental health takes many forms – including therapy, rest, and grace. Be gentle and give yourself the attention that you deserve. Our mission is to foster resilience, self-acceptance, and personal growth and we will provide a supportive community as you navigate your mental health journey.


About the Mental Health and Wellness Program

At TaskForce, we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and affirming space for individuals within the community to prioritize and nurture their mental and emotional well-being.

We understand that the intersection of one’s identity can be uniquely complex, and we are here to offer specialized support that centers these experiences. Our mental health program includes traditional, alternative, and restorative approaches as we understand the disparities that exist within access to culturally competent mental health resources. To help mitigate these obstacles, we have an on-site mental health professional that is equipped to help community members navigate their mental wellness.

Our resources have been curated by collecting feedback from community members about what they need and desire. We are committed to providing practical strategies that are impactful for our community and that span a wide range of issues.

We seek to break down the barriers surrounding mental health, promote open conversations, and provide you with the tools you need to prioritize your well-being. Remember, seeking help is a courageous step, and you deserve to live a life that is mentally and emotionally fulfilling.

TaskForce Chicago cares about your mental health...

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You can participate in our mental health services by visiting us at 9 N. Cicero Avenue on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-9pm.

If you are a mental health professional that would like to donate your time, please contact

Mental Health and Wellness Program

TaskForce Chicago provides on-site mental care...


When is the mental health professional on-site?

We have an on-site mental health professional on Wednesdays from 6-7 pm. They are available on a first come, first-served basis.

Does TaskForce have any mental wellness events?

Yes! We place a lot of importance on mental wellness within the community. As such, we host various events that seek to increase access to resources and stress the importance of navigating mental wellness. Please follow us on social media to stay updated about events!

I can’t come in person to TaskForce but need access to mental health resources. What can I do?

Luckily, there are many resources available across the city and online. Some helpful online resources can be found here.