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TaskForce Chicago

Preventive Health and Wellness Program

The team at TaskForce holds a deep commitment to the health and wellness of our community. As an organization that serves folks on the margins, we are aware of the barriers that exist for both preventative and diagnostic care.


About the Preventative Health & Wellness Program

Adequate, culturally competent, and life-affirming health care is essential for thriving communities.

As such, we take seriously the need for increased access to healthcare and healthy living conditions.

As part of our health program, we offer several community resources. On Wednesdays, we have a primary doctor on site from 3-6 pm. Every third Wednesday of the month, we host an event where we distribute free bags of fresh produce from noon until supplies run out. We pass these bags out to community members and also save some for participants of The Vogue School so that they can leave with fresh fruit and vegetables. We also make it a point to keep our food pantry stocked with healthy options for our community members.

Perhaps the most successful tenet of our health and wellness program is The Vogue School. As a safe space for fellowship and community, The Vogue School is also a place for community members to come and get active through dance and vogue. It is also an opportunity for individuals to participate in STI screenings, receive hygiene and safer sex kits, and utilize our PrEP navigation resources.


Taskforce Chicago Vogue School

Mondays & Wednesdays 5-9pm

The Vogue School occasionally hosts special events such as mini-balls. Please follow our social media accounts to keep up with date with event announcements!

Our Health Initiative

At TaskForce, we know that preventative health measures are an essential part of sustaining strong communities.

We believe that we must take a proactive approach when it comes to the wellbeing of our community. Black and Brown queer and trans folks are deserving of care even when nothing is wrong.


TaskForce Chicago cares about your health...

Get Involved

TaskForce needs your help!

If you would like to donate supplies for safer sex kits or hygiene kits, please contact We are also in need of volunteers to help pack produce bags for our monthly distribution.

If you would like to utilize any of these resources, please stop by 9 N. Cicero Avenue from 3-9 pm on Mondays and/or Wednesdays.

TaskForce Chicago helps you stay healthy...


What can the on-site doctor help with?

Our trans-affirming doctor is on site at 9 N. Cicero Avenue from 3-6 pm and can help with primary care, hormone therapy, and overall health care.

What comes in the free bag of produce?

The contents of the bag can vary from month to month as we work with local providers. However, the items are always fresh and include an assortment of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Some common items found in the produce bags include apples, potatoes, grapes, carrots, and onions.